Sahkaar Wallfinish Wallputty

Sahkaar Wallfinish Wallputty is polymer WallPutty, which gives strong bond with mortar and ceiling. It fills fine pores of walls thus, moisture can be controlled easily. It is water resistant as well as prevents flaking of paints. It does not require water curing and gives smooth and glossy surface thus reduces consumption of paint.

SAHKAAR INFRA manufactures entire range of construction chemicals under compliance of ISO 9001: 2015.

Technical Specification

» Provides smooth and uniform finish to rough plasters
» Does not require curing with water
» Good intercoat adhesion to emulsion paints
» Good water resistance

Product Benefits

» Coverage : 12-15 sq.ft/kg
» Whiteness : 92 %
» Drying time: 7-8 hours preferably over night
» Application: for interior use
» Number of coat required: 2