Sahkaar Quick 501(C1T)

SAHKAAR QUICK 501 Non Skid adhesive is a cementitious polymer based material in powder form, which only needs on site addition of water to make a paste which is used for fixing tiles over existing mosaic tiles without removing them.

All SAHKAAR branded products are manufactured under strict quality control supervision as per exact manufacturing specification. Should you find the behavior of the products varying from the claims in the data sheets, please stop the use of the product and claims the nearest SAHKAAR INFRA Staff or the Distributor for further guidance.


  • Can be used for fixing tile over tile.
  • No need to break or hack the existing tiles.
  • No wetting of surface to be tiled.
  • Makes the tiled area waterproof.
  • Holds the tile even at high temperatures.
  • Single component hence easy to use.

Primary Uses

SAHKAAR QUICK is mainly used for fixing Ceramic and floor tiles.

Directions for Use

Ensure that the surface to be tiled is clean and free from dust, dirt, grease etc. Mix SAHKAAR QUICK with clean water, in the proportion of 3.5 volumes of powder to 1 volume of water, Mix till a uniform consistency, Smooth paste is obtained. Leave the paste for 10 minutes in the pan for the entrapped air if any, to escape and remix the paste . Apply the paste uniformly on to the surface to be tiled as well as on the back of the tile and press the tiles in position while using NCA wetting of the tiles or the surface to be tiled or curing is not required.


  • Shelf life: 12 months (stored in Manufacturer’s original packing keep in a dry place away from moisture and heat)
  • Packaging: 20Kg. & 40 Kg. BOPP BAGS
  • Coverage: 1-2 Sq.Ft. per Kg. for uniform bed thickness of 2 to 3 mm

Technical Specifications

  • Appearance: Grey Powder
  • Grade: C1T
  • Bulk Density: 1.75 g/cm3
  • Tensile Adhesion Strength @ 28Days: >0.6 N/mm2
  • Shear Adhesion Strength @ 28Days: >0.6 N/mm2
  • Adjustability in min @ 20°C: > 20
  • Slip resistance in mm: <0.5
  • Open time in min @20°C: >20
  • Pot Life @ 27°C: Approx. 2 hours