Sahkaar Quick 630(C3TE)

The highly polymerized, grey-colored Sahkaar Quick 630 is developed with unique qualities like water resistance, slip resistance, flexibility, and extended open time. Additionally, it can be applied to interior, exterior, and wet spaces. It is also suitable for all natural stone tiles as well as ceramic, clay, basalt, vitrified, glass mosaic, and porcelain tiles. All […]

Sahkaar Quick 511(C2TE)

SAKKAAR Quick 511 is high polymer modified, portland white cement-based tile adhesive applicable for fixing vitrified/ fully vitrified tiles, glass mosaic tiles, all stones, dense and large dimension tiles & slabs. It is mainly suitable for tiles with an apparent porosity less than or equal to 3%. It is more demanding for wet area, submerged […]

Sahkaar Quick 503(C2T)

SAKKAAR Quick 503 is polymer modified, grey cement-based tile adhesive suitable for fixing tiles with less than 3% porosity, like vitrified, semi-vitrified tiles on walls and floor in interior situations. SAKKAAR Quick 503 is cementitious material in the powder form composed of cement, sand, polymer which needs on site addition of water to make a […]

Sahkaar Quick 501(C1T)

SAHKAAR QUICK 501 Non Skid adhesive is a cementitious polymer based material in powder form, which only needs on site addition of water to make a paste which is used for fixing tiles over existing mosaic tiles without removing them. All SAHKAAR branded products are manufactured under strict quality control supervision as per exact manufacturing […]